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Cost Per Install

Connect adlinks promotes your app on a very economical package, wherein you need to pay a nominal amount only when someone downloads your app and starts using it.

Cost Per Engagement

In order to improve user retention and engagement, You are required to pay only when a user installs or uses your app for a specified period of time.

Cost Per Video

Boost your product and get more traffic to your business, by creating a highly engaging video ad and pay only when a user watches your video for a minimum specified period of time.

Cost Per Lead

There’s a saturation point, and going beyond that, everyone required a lead. Collect the leads and pay once you get them.

Cost Per Sale

Who doesn’t love to sell their products? Only on every successful sale, you need to pay a feasible amount.

Market Research

Conduct market research in an economical way and form a base of highly engaged traffic for your product. Pay only after completion of a survey.

Rewarded Video

Put in your creative thoughts and create a video of up tp 15 seconds, which can enable the user to download your app. On successful installation of every single app, you need to pay a penny amount.

Cost Per Call

Get interactive and reach your consumers. Reach them on a tap of button and pay only for qualified calls

EngageMe.TV Video Ads

Our owned & operated video channel directly engages users with your brand, while delivering high-viewability and strong AVOC with your ad spend. CPM pricing. VAST/VPAID compliant.

Benefits to User, Publisher, & Advertiser

Traditional ads are so obsolete now and we are aware of the fact that no body likes them. Therefore, we’ve come up with some innovative steps which actually engages them and not irritate them. We have allowed our users to choose themselves when they want to interact with ads, which further enables publishers to earn more daily, similarly, enabling advertisers getting better Returns on investment.

Rewards make our Traffic visit us frequently

The user oriented interface makes it very friendly for everyone who is being a part of it, users earn rewards by completing offers, performing easy actions likes watching videos, downloading apps, or registering for freebies. FOn completion of each offer, the user earns credits or rewards from the publisher and on the other side, the publisher earns a commission, and the advertiser receives a targeted user.

Hence, it’s a win win situation for everyone..!

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Keep coming and keep earning the Virtual Rewards

Through our network, users can mobilise their earnings and keep on adding to their wallet by participating daily. Through different mediums, users can earn virtual rewards i.e. by completing offers, watching videos, installing iOS/Android apps, completing surveys, and more from our leading advertisers.

Unparalleled Network + Rewarding Programme rewarded us with Trust

One can easily find the offer from our vetted 2,000+ offer inventory. Combine that with no hassle payments and unmatched dedicated support, and you have one of the highest-rated affiliate marketing platforms in the world for 4+ years in a row!

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Profitability at every step: Control and Grow Your User Base at Economical Rates

Offer Wall

We ask you to just dream, rest leave it on us. As we are pro in fulfilling your dreams. Grab unimaginable traffic for downloads on your website or app, or are looking for a steady flow of new users, our user acquisition solutions can generate both for you quickly on a pay-for-performance basis. Launch your mobile campaign with Connect adlinks and let the world experience your app.

We are updating our dashboard soon! But our account management team is happy to help you acquire more users today!

We are updating our dashboard soon! But our account management team is happy to help you acquire more users today!
  • Effective Campaigns
  • Traffic around the glove
  • Multiple Traffic Options
  • Boost Campaigns Available

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Account Management

Unhidden Facts

Detailed reporting and statistics enables the investors to quickly make decisions that maximizes their return on investments.

Account Management

Supportive Management

Our account team will work with or for you to optimize your campaigns to give better results..

Precise Targeting

Focussed Objective

Our unique and professional interface enables you to reach your target audiences with available demographic, geographic etc. targeting options

Pay For Performance

Pay after Completion

We value your money and never want that hard earned value to go waste. Hence, You need to pay only for real time downloads.



Relax and promote as we have hard working and trusted staff and integrated fraud prevention technology.

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Make your business popular around the globe and not stay limited under just one boundary. With Connect Adlinks, you can go beyond every boundary and make your product available around the world.

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